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Katharina's art is predominantly abstract. She is inspired by poetry and the emotional response it creates in her artworks.

Colour is a main focus point in her work. Creating bold pieces, with bright happy colours is a main theme. Turquoise, yellow, pink and blue are combined often to create energetic pieces full of life and energy.

Playing with a variety of materials from gold, silver and copper leaf to wax, ink and acrylics, texture is an important factor in creating depth and visual stimulating works of art. Reflective properties of the different metals as well as epoxy resin bring in light and shadow and again energy as colours change with light and the viewers perspective.

Lines and forms are an important factor as they are part of our daily lives -  with her abstract art works she is trying to visualize her view of the world, her connections and feelings.




It all started when...

Education & Career

Born 1989, Wertheim, Germany

2009 Foundation Degree Art & Design Metropolitan University, London

BA in Fashion Buying Management Westminster University, London

Creative Director at Folly & Muse Gallery

Art Exhibitions

2018 AAF Brussels

2017 AAF Battersea London

2017 Art Muc

2017 Art & Antique Salzburg

2017  Affordable Art Fair Brussels

2017 AFfordable Art Fair Milan

2017 ARTe SindelFingen

2016 Stroke Art fair Munich

2016 Affordable Art Fair Battersea, London

2015 Liverpool Contemporary



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